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Complaints like this are often natural, and we come to bring our treatment to the doctor. This term has several versions, for example, fell dizzy, sumeng-sumeng, chills, and a myriad of other versions of their respective regions.

What happens in our bodies when we are hot?

Heat is called in medical language fever (fever, febris). Fever is the body's response to a series of complex behaviors that involve a response, neurologis, and endokrin (hormonal) to overcome the interference caused by factors pirogenik. Pirogenik factors are factors that cause the occurrence of fever, in which the outline divided into 2 groups, namely:
Pirogen eksogen

Pirogen eksogen is a body of external factors that cause disturbances in the function of the human body. For example, the cells of bacteria and viruses. In addition, can also be poisonous substance (toxin) produced by certain bacteria or viruses.
Pirogen endogen

Pirogen is endogen factors originating from within our own body as an immune reaction against the disease germs that enter the body. For example, interleukin-1 (IL-1), interleukin-6 (IL-6), Interferon-, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

The process starts from the occurrence of fever terpaparnya the human body against pirogen eksogen which then lead to terstimulasinya akan pirogen endogen to protect the body and create immunity against pirogen eksogen it.

Central air conditioning man (termoregulator) located in the brain called the brain stem and hipotalamus. Termoregulator this function to set the production, conservation, and spending summer at the end of the body will maintain stable core body temperature. During fever, body core temperature to be increased, consequently termoregulator akan how to adapt to the settings form the point that is higher than normal temperature. In other words, although our fever, but is simply to ensure that the process termoregulasi body to run normally.

On the other hand, we have a fever, the body also issued a substance-specific substances to help lower a fever. For example, arginine vasopressin (AVP),?-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (?-MSH) and corticotropin-releasing factor. Anti-fever effect helps explain the occurrence of fluctuation in body temperature during the occurrence of fever. In the end, when the fever has been completed, setting the body back to its normal point. As a result, there will be a decrease in muscle tonus, blood vessel perifer akan broad (vasodilatasi), skin redness, and sweating. So, someone reasonably sweating when fever, will be even better so there is, as this indicates demamnya have started coming down. Patients will feel more warm, changing clothes with a thin, out of the blanket, and take peregangan muscle-weary ototnya due process because the fever occurred.

When should consume febrifuge?

The use of drugs penurun hot at the time of the occurrence of fever should be considered as well as possible. Some of the procedures is recommended only when the fever reaches a very high temperature or to give the dangerous side effects, such as damage to nerve cells or a strain. So, the fever does not always require treatment with medication, but can also do with only compress to the patient. Based on the research of late, the compress with warm water is much more effective in lower compared with the hot compress using cold water or alcohol. Children more vulnerable to the occurrence of fever, because the body's response to the occurrence of infection was still not perfect. With only mild infections, the response body of the child will cause a fever that is high enough. Another case with people who are elderly, the response of the body to decrease the occurrence of infection is, therefore, likely to suffer illness and death due to disease infection to be increased in the parents.

Tip of fever:

1. Prepare the thermometer always a worthy life in the house.

2. Do not panic if you or your child's fever.

3. Measure body temperature at the time of the occurrence of fever, and do regularly.

4. Make a warm compress of water when the fever.

5. Perbanyak white drinking water to replace fluids lost due to fever.

6. If necessary, provide medicines penurun heat (Paracetamol, Panadol ®, etc.).

7. Avoid eating foods that stimulate, such as chocolate, spicy food, fried-gorengan. Instead, eat foods that contain lots of fiber so that the body more easily mencernanya.

8. Keep a bath or at least clean the body by using hot water.

9. If the fever does not improve in a few days, immediately consult your doctor or to take it to the nearest hospital.
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